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St. Stanislaus Parish offers the Traditional Latin Rites exclusively.


Registered and active parishioners should call our office well ahead of the birth in order to arrange for the baptism. A catechism class with a priest is necessary before a family's first Baptism at the parish.

Holy Matrimony

Catholics must be married in the Catholic Church to have a valid marriage in the eyes of God and His Church. Preparation for Marriage must begin at least 6 months before the desired date. Weddings are available for parishioners who are registered and have been active six months before the beginning of their Preparation.

First Confession, Confirmation & First Communion

The Sacraments are made available for children of registered and active members of the parish. Preparation for these Sacraments will be announced in the bulletin. Adults who have not received these Sacraments are invited to call our office so as to arrange a special preparation with our parish priest.

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